She is an incredible Realtor with a vast array of knowledge and resources.

When we decided to purchase a new build house in Florida, we returned home to Georgia and needed to get our current house ready to sell quickly.  The smartest thing I did was to call Jennifer Hardison. Jennifer came to our house and spent a lot of time walking through the house and making suggestions on how to make it more appealing to buyers.  I was very impressed by her extensive knowledge and insight. She had great recommendations on who to call and how to get things done quickly. Once the house was ready to sell, Jennifer took over and did all the hard work getting the house listed and advertised, handling all of the inquiries and coordinating all of the showings for us.  She was always available and very patient answering all of my questions and very caring in dealing with my anxieties that the house would not sell in time to purchase the new one. I am so glad we listened to all of her advice and followed her recommendations. Our house sold in 30 days for a great price and we closed with no problems in another 30 days.  She was communicating with us every step of the way and we always knew what to expect. I would highly recommend Jennifer Hardison to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is an incredible Realtor with a vast array of knowledge and resources. She is extremely honest and trustworthy and one of the nicest people I have ever met. It was truly a pleasure working with her and she made the process of selling our home easier than I expected. I felt like I had someone holding my hand the whole way through.  Jennifer was able to get our home sold quickly and negotiated a great deal on our behalf and I am so happy with the results and so appreciative of all of her efforts!

— Derda